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A24 has unveiled the first trailer for Lynn Shelton’s comedy “Laggies,” three months before the Oct. 24 opening.

Keira Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell, Mark Webber, Ellie Kemper and Jeff Garlin star in “Laggies,” which premiered at Sundance.

Knightley stars as a confused 28-year-old who is thrown by a marriage proposal and hides out in the home of her 16-year-old friend (Moretz) and her father, played by Rockwell.

“I don’t know what to do with my future,” she laments at one point.

The movie’s tagline — “Stop lagging and start living.”

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The actress on bleeding fingers, working with her mom and how she discourages male attention.

In Begin Again you play a singer-songwriter. Can you sing?

It is my actual voice, but I’m not a singer. I learned how to play the songs on guitar for this film. I wasn’t very good. I could never sing and play at the same time. I was so happy to put the guitar down and never pick it up again. The fingers, they actually bleed.

Do you remember having a transfixing moment with a particular song?

To tell you the truth, I don’t really listen to music. I know nothing about it at all. I’m married to a musician [James Righton from the band Klaxons].

This appears in the July 28, 2014 issue of TIME.

Read the rest HERE

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I’ve added HQ images of Keira promoting ‘Begin Again’ earlier this month. She was at the Regent Street Apple Store and then the Begin Again photocall in London.

X30HQ//July 2nd – Regent Street Apple Store in London
X82HQ//July 2nd – Begin Again Photocall in London

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Keira attended the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London yesterday. I’ve added HQ photos to the gallery from the event.

X17HQ//July 1st – The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London

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Keira has been interviewed a fair bit lately about Begin Again. I’ve posted a few below.

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To promote Begin Again, Keira stopped by at SiniusXM Radio and appeared on air. I’m still trying to find a video or transcript. Until I do, check out these HQ photos.

X20HQ//June 27th – SiriusXM Studios in New York

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Keira recently attended a press conference for her new film, ‘Begin Again’. Check out the photos and video below.

X14HQ//June 26th – Begin Again press conference in New York

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Keira attended the New York premiere of ‘Begin Again’ a few nights ago. I’ve added HQ images from the premiere and after party.

X123HQ//June 25th – Begin Again premiere in New York
X20HQ//June 25th- Begin Again premiere after party in New York

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As you can see, I’ve uploaded a new layout to the site. There’s still a bit of tweaking to go, and there’s still a lot of information and pictures missing, but I’m working hard to fill in the gaps. In the meantime, you can view HQ screencaps of Keira in her most recently released film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

X404HQ//Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Screencaps

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SHE’S not even 30 yet, but Keira Knightley has already enjoyed a successful acting careeer, but the British actress has admitted that recently her outlook on life and work has changed dramatically.

The 29-year-old star – who married James Righton last year – has begun cutting back on her workload after realising that her “whole life-work balance was very little life and a whole lot of work”.

Speaking about whether or not she believes that marriage has changed her perception of work, Keira said: “First you become successful and you want to take every opportunity you can, and all of a sudden you realise that whole life-work balance was very little life and a whole lot of work.

“I think there’s always a point in your life where you go, ‘I want to redress that. I want to make sure I spend time with the people I love’. So now I’m trying to readjust my life/work balance in favour of more life and less work. And that definitely means you don’t have your foot all the way down on the accelerator.”

She continued: “I had the habit of working virtually non-stop for a period of five or six years and that began to wear me down. I don’t want to live that way anymore, so now I prefer to do two films a year although it depends of course on what’s available and your own plans.

“I tend to get restless if I don’t have enough work to keep me busy and of course I love acting so I don’t want to have too much time in between films. I feel much more rested and relaxed now than I did a few years ago although that had a lot to do with the kinds of films I was doing.”

Most recently, Keira starred alongside Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ which was directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Keira admits that part of the reason she took the role as Cathy Muller is because she was desperate to work with Kenneth, but also because she wanted to throw herself into a good action film.

“I needed a change of pace,” she explained. “I got to the end of Anna Karenina and realised that I’d been sort of doing pieces of work where I was often tormented or dying in the end.

“Jack Ryan is a really great, old school, Hollywood thriller and a piece of pure entertainment. Lots of guns and explosions! We also shot it in London, which was much easier for me.”

Nowadays, the ‘Atonement’ star isn’t so bothered about proving herself within the industry and no longer puts pressure on herself to take on certain roles.

“I don’t feel that I need to do that anymore. It’s true that I felt some guilt that things had come maybe too easily for me and that I wanted to work as hard and as often as possible to gain more confidence,” she said.

“I would also feel guilty when I wasn’t working because I would think that I’m being lazy. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and it’s taken me a long time to overcome that and I still have this anxiety about wanting to know what my next project is going to be.”
Keira has also learnt how to keep her private life completely separate from her professional life and never forgets that she has been “extraordinarily fortunate”.

“I’ve never paid much attention to fame because it’s beyond your control,” she explained. “I live very simply and I don’t do anything to attract attention in my private life.

“I’ve been very lucky that my parents gave me such good grounding and support over the years. They always let me make my own decisions and that kind of freedom made me take my work very seriously because I understood the responsibility that came with that. I’ve never taken anything for granted in my work.”